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Build a database of Inspection Specifications, detailing all product characteristics, inspection rates, and then record the results as the inspection is being performed. Manage First Article Inspection, In-process, Final and Receiving Inspection results, and other user-definable inspection activity. This module applies to manufacturing, chemical, energy, food processing & distribution, and medical companies.


The uniPoint inspection tracking software module increases the accuracy of inspection information, using built-in data-validation mechanisms. Reduce manual paperwork, and offer instant access to retrieve and analyze your critical inspection data. Eliminate data entry mistakes by integrating data from your ERP.

Key Features

  • Setup Control Level Warnings
  • On-Screen Process Control Charts
  • Identify Tooling/Gauges Required
  • Calc Sample Size (incl. ANSI Z1.4)
  • Create Automated Action Events

General Capabilities

  • E-mail Notification
  • Track Inspection Time/Costs
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Update User To-Do Lists


  • Inspection Specification Report
  • Inspection Report
  • Process Control Charts
  • SPC and Analysis Reports
  • Inspection Analysis Reports

Inspection Module

  • Automate the Inspection Process
  • Generate Inspection documentation
  • Tolerance formulas and GD&T symbols
  • Data import/export
  • Define Process and Specification data
  • Lookup/Link Job, Employee information
  • Generate uniPoint Non-Conformance

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uniPoint is a compliance tool for the strictest quality requirements of your industry.


Our interface promotes engaged users, and lower on-going training costs.


Eliminate redundant data entry and leverage the data from your existing systems.


Track the frequency and cost of quality events, with our ISO-ready suite of modules.