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SYSPRO Advanced Integration


The uniPoint/SYSPRO Advanced SYSPRO Integration is the culmination of years of cooperative joint development projects by the SYSPRO and uniPoint development teams. The videos and PowerPoints above demonstrate 100% of the the integration’s capabilities. No other capabilities are supported, implied or offered beyond that which are specifically detailed in the videos above. Written enhancement requests can be submitted for this integration, but any such enhancements would need to be applicable to all SYSPRO customers; be deemed as high-priority actionable issues which add quality value both by uniPoint’s and SYSPRO’s development teams; and would only be built in accordance to SYSPRO’s and uniPoint’s current development capacity and planned release schedule. Customers must understand that this integration is purchased as-is, and it is the customer’s responsibly to review the content above and understand the complete capabilities of this integration during the sales cycle.

Getting Support:

  • If you are inside SYSPRO and have a question about functionality within SYSPRO, call SYSPRO Support.
  • If you are inside uniPoint and have a question about functionality within uniPoint, call uniPoint Support.
  • If your questions cannot be answered on the first call, a joint-support call can be scheduled to ensure that your issue is resolved promptly.
  • Please remember that asking about integration capabilities beyond our current design specification is not a support issue; those requests can be made using our enhancement request mechanism per our disclaimer above.

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