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Validation Module


The uniPoint Validation module is a tool to help automate the recording of validation procedures and actual results, as it pertains to uniPoint Software, or other software or process validation projects.


The uniPoint Validation module is designed to replace manual word documents to manage the Validation process, and offers the same visibility, integration, workflow and collaboration advantages as the rest of uniPoint.

Key Features

It allows for advanced record searching and offers validation templates pre-loaded with procedures on all uniPoint modules. These templates automate the creation of actual validation records, which can be modified at will by the end-user. Unlimited validation records can be created, with unlimited details on each record.

Understanding Validation

We recognize that the software product we create must meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We take all reasonable steps to ensure our product operates as intended and with integrity.

Quality of software and the validation of software is not limited by one definition. In creating software, we will seek to balance all aspects of high quality. We create software products that:

  • Are easy to understand and use.
  • Are reliable and operate as designed.
  • Are supported and ensure customers get timely answers to questions.
  • Help customer maximize their efficiency and do their work.

We understand that the pursuit for quality is a continual endeavor. We work to continually improve both the processes used to create our software and the product itself.

To ensure our software meets our highest standards we:

  • Have the software internally tested by both our development and support departments. This process is called Alpha testing.
  • Review our internal (Alpha) test to design specifications. This test and review process may go though several iterations before the product is ready for the next step.
  • Have the product beta tested by customers that have volunteered to ensure the product is ready for release for all customers. This process may include functional or design changes based on customer feedback. It is common to have several beta test product releases before the product is available to everyone.
  • Ensure technical support when customers report problems. We verify the nature of the problem, record the details, and determine a method to address the problem. Our technical support staff attempt to resolve 80% of questions our issues during your call and 90% resolution within the first 24 hours. Historically we have out-performed those objectives.

General Capabilities

  • Broadcast/Specific E-mail
  • Standard Text Manager
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Update User To-Do Lists
  • See Historical Audit Trail


  • Validation Listing Report
  • Validation Report

The Validation module comes pre-loaded with generic scripts to validate each module of uniPoint. These scripts may need to be modified and/or augmented with additional scripts which can performed by the customer at will, to allow for full validation of uniPoint to the customer’s specific quality standards or requirements. uniPoint is not responsible for specific validation scripting for each customers’ unique quality environment. Pre-loaded templates are offered as-is, as a starting point toward the goal of validation. uniPoint does not offer validation services for any specific quality standard; we offer application training on the Validation Module as a starting point for managing the Validation of any software module or manufacturing process.


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