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Meetings Module


uniPoint’s Meeting module allows for the creation of single or reoccurring meetings. As meetings can be scheduled with the click of a button, your meetings will be more efficient and attendees will be better informed and will come prepared for a constructive session.


Set up and keep visibility to weekly meetings to review all outstanding items on your uniPoint To-Do lists to group and manage/level-load tasks. Set up monthly recurring meetings for discovery of previously undetected opportunities for improvement. Encourage on-going meetings to capture and document employee experience and keep them engaged in resolving quality issues.

Key Features

  • Unlimited meeting types: MRB, Audit, Health & Safety, etc.
  • Specify Meeting location
  • Send out Meeting invitations
  • Document all Meeting attendees
  • Record Meeting minutes
  • Track time allocation to include meeting time in your cost of quality
  • Attach Meetings to any uniPoint record for quick access
  • View Meeting calendar by day, week, month

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