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Tool & Equipment Module


A comprehensive calibration software and capital equipment management software system that allows for the automation of maintenance and repair work orders. Plan general maintenance, calibration, equipment overhauls, and record results.


Using the uniPoint Tool & Equipment management software module will help transform your company from a reactive to a proactive preventative maintenance model. This module allows for the separate tracking of planned maintenance versus unplanned repair events, and offers detailed scheduling and costing analysis.

New in uniPoint

  • Capture detailed calibration data
  • Visibility and notification for tools out of calibration, or with past due maintenance
  • Record detail costs and required inventory
  • Assign maintenance tasks to user or group
  • Define maintenance or repair cause codes
  • Make requests for maintenance or repair
  • Monitor Equipment warranties
  • Unlimited attachments per maint. ticket
  • Schedule Equipment Check-in/Check-out
  • Search all maintenance records for any Tool & Equipment

Key Features

  • Maintain a complete listing of all equipment by type: Tools Tooling, Machinery, Building Equipment, etc, or any company asset class
  • Ability to categorize by maintenance by type, class, status, and create To-Do’s
  • Store all planned maintenance tasks and record unplanned repairs
  • Record multiple maintenance tasks per piece of equipment with unique frequencies for each maintenance task
  • Track maintenance hrs and costs, predict equipment downtime, and view Maintenance Schedule by date range and other criteria
  • Create a complete maintenance schedule by class, employee or individual piece of equipment
  • Estimate vs. Actual Costing
  • Understand Downtime Costs

General Capabilities

  • Specific E-mail Notification
  • Standard Text Manager
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Update User To-Do Lists
  • See Historical Audit Trail


  • Equipment Report
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Equipment Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance/Repair Tickets

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