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uniPoint Web

uniPoint Web


Using our new mobile-first development platform, uniPoint Web is our next-generation interface that complements uniPoint Windows. It offers a clean and modern design with an adaptive and responsive approach that auto-sizes to your working environment.


With an adaptive and responsive design, uniPoint Web has the versatility to be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It does not require an app to be installed, is hardware agnostic and will run on any device. This means you can access or create new uniPoint records anytime, anywhere; over a Wi-Fi or 3G or higher connection with security encryption and excellent speed. Imagine a world where your entire uniPoint QMS database is at your fingertips! uniPoint Web will let you react and resolve quality issues faster and more efficiently. It will change your company’s quality culture by empowering all of your employees to become Quality, Health & Safety auditors. By using their own mobile phones, everyone can collaborate on quality by creating or updating a uniPoint quality record from the plant floor, taking a picture from their phone and automatically attaching it to the record, and driving immediate uniPoint To-Do action items.

Key Features:

  • Access all uniPoint records from your phone, with user security
  • Create simple or advanced user control records inside all uniPoint Core Modules
  • Add attachments to uniPoint records by snapping pictures with your phone
  • Employees and instructors can perform training sign-offs from their mobile phones and view upcoming training
  • Pin modules or records for easy access
  • See all tabs and advanced process steps of each uniPoint record for up-to-the-minute status
  • View your uniPoint To-Do list and Key Indicators dashboard and drill-back to the original record
  • View audit history of each record

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uniPoint is a compliance tool for the strictest quality requirements of your industry.


Our interface promotes engaged users, and lower on-going training costs.


Eliminate redundant data entry and leverage the data from your existing systems.


Track the frequency and cost of quality events, with our ISO-ready suite of modules.