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Doc Viewer Software Module

Doc Viewer


uniPoint’s Doc Viewer extends the visibility of your document library to your entire organization, business partners, and remote employees. Login to the uniPoint Web Console from any internet-enabled computer and you see a familiar screen — the uniPoint Document Module search screen! From there, you can select any document that you have security to, and instantly download and print the document.


This modules provides instant access to all important quality documents, procedures, and work instructions to your all your employees – without having to purchase full uniPoint concurrent seats. The Doc Viewer Module is READ-ONLY, so there is no way an employee can effect any change to the document.

Key Features

  • Access your uniPoint Document library from any internet-enabled computer
  • Search, View, Download, Print your documents, with user-level security.
  • Share your documents with employees, customers, or vendors
  • Only requires Internet Information Services, (IIS) installed on your server.

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