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Unipoint is the leader in ERP-Integrated Quality Management Software in Chicago. Our configure-to-order QMS is designed to help businesses and organizations automate their quality control and compliance objectives. Using the latest technology, Unipoint QMS has 25 software modules for quality control and compliance, utilized and trusted by more than 2,000 firms striving for excellence. Give Unipoint a call today and see what quality looks like for your organization.

Why are Companies Using Quality Management Software in Chicago?

A QMS is a structured collection of policies, procedures, and processes and their associated responsibilities. These policies, procedures, and processes are integrated so that they work harmoniously as a single system. They make it easy for the staff and personnel of a business or service organization to achieve its quality mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Of course, these policies and procedures need to be documented, but they don't necessarily have to consist of paper documents unless that's the organization's preference. More likely, they will be stored and maintained in an electronic format on the organization's intranet or cloud storage and might consist solely of HTML Web pages.

What are the Advantages of Having Quality Mangement Software as a Chicago Enterprise?

Why would an organization want to procure a QMS from Unipoint? The benefits can be summarized in three words:

1. Simplify
2. Clarify
3. Control

Let's consider each of these points individually.


Do you have site visits from prospective customers? QMS allows sales sites visits to be a structured and constructive conversation where prospects actually expect you to show restraint - the restraint required for obtaining the comprehensive voice of the customer, finding out exactly what is required instead of contracting to wild promises based on the fuzziness of getting the sale at all costs.

In addition, such customer visits become opportunities for you to view your processes for improvement, which can help you become more competitive. Having a dynamic QMS enables you to improve the communication within your organization, whether that be cross-functional, cross-departmental, or cross-location. A QMS helps you to take a structured approach to correct mistakes.


First and foremost, a quality management system will clarify roles and responsibilities within the organization. With a good QMS, everyone knows what their area of responsibility is, what's expected of them, who their internal or external suppliers and customers are, and who is responsible for what.

Your QMS will help everyone within your organization or company understand what your internal operational processes are and how they link from your suppliers to your manufacturing or service operations to your customers or clients. Employees all understand where their contribution fits into the big picture.


A quality management system gives form and substance to your organization's commitment to a vision and mission, linking what you aim to achieve with the "who" and the "how" of your internal operational processes. A well-implemented QMS enables you to more effectively control your process and enhance efficiency, enabling your staff to feel pride in their work and demonstrate their value.

To learn more about the best quality management software in Chicago, contact Unipoint today.

Quality Management Software Chicago

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