Iso Software

When a company is in the process of implementing a management system, opting for an ISO software brings a lot of benefits. Regardless of whether it is a quality management system, environmental, occupational safety or any other that is based on this international standard, your company can save a lot of time, effort and money by opting for this solution.

Adopting a management system requires consideration of many aspects and details. Also, all processes must be considered, and the particular procedures to be applied with their parameters.

That is why, more and more, organizations that resort to the help of technology to facilitate the management of their ISO systems and to ensure the success of them.

What is an ISO Software Specifically?

It is a technological tool specially designed to facilitate organizations both the implementation and compliance with the requirements of an ISO standard. These are some regulations you can handle with these programs:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management

  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management

  • OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management

  • ISO 27001: Information Management Systems


  • Easy to use for companies that have no previous experience in implementation
  • They provide all the necessary information
  • They have templates and documents ready to use
  • Facilitate the organization and management of all documentation
  • It allows planning and monitor activities
  • They offer online support
  • They will enable the information to be accessible to all members of the implementing team anytime

5 Benefits of Using ISO Softwares

  1. Updated information

The tool allows access to updated information at all times. Team members will be sure that the information they use is not outdated. Nor will they waste time updating manuals, books or network drives, since the software will do it for them.

  1. Easy Collection of Records

By allowing the storage of the records in the same place, it contributes to improving the accuracy in the registration of the information that demonstrates the accomplishment of the work as established.

  1. Available and Accessible Documentation

All the necessary information for the members of the organization will be easily accessible when they need it for the development of their work, and from any place. In the case of the tools that we provide in uniPoint, it is enough to have a Smartphone, tablet or PC with Internet.

  1. Reduction of Necessary Resources

The resources for the maintenance of the management system are significantly reduced with the use of the software. This reduction is in three dimensions: in money, in human resources invested and in waiting times for implementation.

  1. Easy to Supervise by Managers

Being able to generate reports of the management system in a fast and reliable way facilitates the High Management review of the system. Now, they can see progress, status, and results easily and quickly.

Rely on True Management Experts

With experience in the industry since 1996, uniPoint is the true leader in providing and supporting small and medium enterprises in management systems. Our quality management software is the only management software you need to boost the efficiency of your company. Also, to implement the different ISO standards, use one of the Add-On-Modules. Contact Us; We will be proud to take your business to the top.

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