Nonconformance Software

So, you already have your business up and running. The business is good and it gradually generates income. You might be thinking about getting your ROI turnaround by next year. Everything is going great, however, there’s another hurdle that every business owners have to face. And that is quality control.

To make sure that your business stays good and is not violating any quality standards, you need to make sure it runs clear from a non-conformance report or what is commonly known as non-compliance report. There are several applications or non-conformance software you can use to prevent compliance violations. But first, let’s take a look at what a non-conformance report is.

A non-conformance report (NCR) specifies the compliance violation of a specific company based on a given standard for its products and services.  It’s a piece of the document containing quality audits and indicates whether your company passes or fails for product and service quality. A non-conformance report is not only limited to the products and services, but it is also applicable to processes or systems. Failing these non-conformance checks would result in fines or loss of product and service value.

Dealing with Non-Conformance Issues

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to deal with these issues. Identifying the cause of the compliance violation is extremely crucial. Think of it as a leak on your water purifying system. If you don’t locate where the leak is coming from, there is going to be a risk of contamination for the rest of your water supply. Knowing where to find the source and plug it would be the first step in dealing with a quality issue.

If the source has already been identified, the next step would be to create countermeasures. This is the step where you have to plug the leak and prevent it from leaking again, and this calls for brainstorming. What are the steps needed in order to avoid compliance breaches from happening? In a food business, make sure that your kitchen is free of rodents by securing food storage, patching holes, or deploying a cat if the situation calls for it. In a customer support industry, prevent the spread of critical information by limiting access to non-administrative employees usually does the trick. 

Get your business on the right track with a nonconformance software

Uprooting the source of the compliance violation can be beneficial at this stage as it allows business owners to know the real cause of the problem. What resulted from the breach? Which machine is faulty? Why is there no manual override procedure for this application? Once the root has been secured, investigate which part of the process caused this problem.

Talk with people whose in-charge where and when the problem happened. Once done with investigating the source, discuss the cause. Was it a negligence part of the supervising party? Are the machines outdated and needs a replacement? Communication doesn’t always involve fault-finding. This stage also includes proper training and relaying of counteractive measures.

The quality of your products and services remains a top priority. It’s the fuel of the business, and it has to be in the best condition before you serve it to your loyal customers. A nonconformance software guarantees your business stays on the right track to prevent significant setbacks.

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