Quality Management Software

Many companies choose to rely on Quality Management Software tools when carrying out Quality Management. The automation of processes allows the work team to be more agile and focus more on the core business, and not on a certification. They also do not waste hours doing the updates and maintenance of the management system, since their technological support frees them from those tasks.

In the past, companies that decided on production or service delivery processes under ISO 9001, had two options available:

  1. Search for a long time on the Internet until they find and structure all the information and documentation to carry out the implementation.

  2. Hire an external consultant to help the company carry out all the necessary steps for certification.

Some disadvantages of the first option, to carry out the implementation without help, were:

  • The low quality of the documents. Also, it was challenging to find templates that adapted to each type of business.

  • Lack of orientation. Working without help involved a high risk of losing control, operating without a clear direction, or incurring more costs than necessary.

  • A considerable investment in time. When someone is not sure how to implement or do something, it always takes more time to achieve it.

Regarding the second option, the problems mentioned above were undoubtedly overcome. However, the external consultancy presented these new difficulties:

  • High price. The work time of an expert usually has a high price. The implementation of ISO 9001 takes time, and not all companies can afford the services of a consultant for that long.

  • There is no transfer of knowledge. The consultants can help you carry out implementation quickly and accurately. However, when the project is finished, the knowledge goes with them and does not remain in the company.

  • There is no guarantee of achieving certification. A consultant will advise on the best way to implement the standard. But they function is to advise and, the responsibility of the implementation remains on the company.

How Quality Management Software Changes Things?

These tools have essential features when carrying out the implementation and quality management of a company. Keep in mind that this does not mean that your team does not have to be involved in these processes.

None of the above options allows you to get rid of a good effort. However, an online quality management tool will allow you to complete the implementation with less stress and costs.

What Should Your Online Quality Management Tool Have?

These are the fundamental characteristics that the software that you select must have:

  • All the necessary information
  • Help and support when required
  • High level of customization and adaptation to your business
  • That previous experience in the implementation of quality management is not needed
  • Templates and documents ready to use
  • Access to information 24/7 from anywhere
  • Organization of all documentation
  • Planning and Monitoring of activities
  • Additional modules to improve management

The uniPoint Quality Management Software offers the methodologies, workflow and the right path for excellent quality management of your company. It is the safest, most functional and versatile system on the market. This has made us the leaders in the industry. We have helped 2000+ companies transform their way of doing things and improve every day, on the way to excellence. Contact us today; we will be happy to assist you.

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