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Oil & Gas/Chemical Quality Management Software

A successful partnership between ISO and the international oil and natural gas industry has resulted in the publication of a new technical specification for implementing ISO 9001-based quality management systems: ISO/TS 29001:2003.

ISO/TS 29001:2003, Petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries – Sector-specific quality management systems – is envisioned to become the common basis for the industry’s worldwide quality management system requirements.These standards will create a streamlined approach whereby multiple audits will no longer be necessary.

Companies in the oil, gas, and chemical industries trust uniPoint to automate their internal quality control processes, ensure compliance with ISO/TS 29001:2003technical specifications, to follow industry standards and regulations, and to reduce liabilities.

uniPoint software also provides a solution for corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance. This allows companies to employ an enterprise-wide governance, risk, and compliance strategy.

The oil, gas, and chemical industries are potentially harmful environments. Employees handle hazardous fluids and gases through a variety of processes. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the safety of personnel, and of the environment. In terms of business, it is also important to perform due diligence to preserve and grow revenue streams for the company, and for the economy in which it operates.

The uniPoint Quality Management System offers a nuanced approach that will eliminate manual forms, spreadsheets, and redundant data entry. If you’d like to discuss how uniPoint software can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, give us a call today!


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