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AS9100 Forms Module


The AS9102, Rev. B First Article Inspection forms certify that each sample unit was produced and inspected according to the customer’s specifications, and includes all physical, material and chemical test data relative to the part specification. This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) establishes documentation requirements for the First Article Inspection (FAI).


The purpose of the First Article Inspection is to provide objective evidence that all engineering design and specification requirements are properly understood, accounted for, verified, and documented. It is intended that the documentation generated will be a quality record of the supplier and customer for review of accountability and planning, for performing periodic surveillance and audits to verify conformance, for evaluating root cause and corrective action for any non-conformances, and for problem investigations.


  • Form 1: Part Number Accountability
  • Form 2: Product Accountability – Raw Material, Specifications and Special Process(s). Functional Testing
  • Form 3: Characteristic Accountability, Verification & Compatibility Evaluations

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual forms
  • No more data entry!
  • Remove selected materials from forms
  • Refresh Bill of Materials at will
  • Links Assembly/Component Jobs
  • Identify Inspection Record and Job Number
  • Advanced Workflow Potential
  • Optional Digital Signatures


  • uniPoint Inspection Module
  • uniPoint Core Modules
  • Only works with specific uniPoint ERP Partner Systems

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