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Supplier Management Module


The Supplier Management Module offers a user-friendly and comprehensive tool to summarize and score the activity of each supplier from other uniPoint modules, and delivery information drawing in from integrated ERP data. Taking it one step further, you can even setup approved suppliers per Customer, as your customers may dictate which of their approved suppliers can be used.


Managing, tracking and rating your suppliers is simple with uniPoint’s Supplier Management Module. Monitor supplier performance by leveraging our automated rating system. You can calculate a score for your suppliers based on uniPoint NC’s, Audits, Survey Results, CA’s, Delivery Performance and other user-definable criteria. Ratings results below minimum threshold automatically update the supplier’s manager for required action steps.

Key Features

It allows for advanced record searching and offers validation templates pre-loaded with procedures on all uniPoint modules. These templates automate the creation of actual validation records, which can be modified at will by the end-user. Unlimited validation records can be created, with unlimited details on each record.

Key Features

  • Establish Certifications Levels
  • Manage Certifications of all Suppliers
  • Maintain approved supplier lists
  • Create different Ratings Templates
  • Calculate supplier performance with automated Ratings
  • Set Ratings Thresholds
  • Create To-Do Action items to manage ratings failures
  • Assign approved Vendors per Customer

General Capabilities

  • Broadcast/Specific E-mail
  • Standard Text Manager
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Update User To-Do Lists
  • See Historical Audit Trail


  • Ratings Report
  • Rating Summary
  • Approved/Unapproved Supplier List

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