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Inspection Mobile


Inspection Mobile is another innovative solution from uniPoint Software to improve efficiency and proactively manage your workplace and field inspection activity. Inspections are about visiting a specific location, collecting data, making evaluations, and returning your findings to a central repository for storage or further action. Why not go paperless?


A mobile device such as a Windows Tablet running Inspection Mobile allows users to capture inspection results electronically. This offers significant advantages over the traditional “pen and paper” approach. With Inspection Mobile, you not only create a permanent electronic record of the inspection, but it allows you to instantly notify stakeholders of any failures as they are identified. This reduces the time between identifying a non-conforming condition and correcting it, and by capturing the data electronically; you also eliminate unnecessary data entry back at your computer, conserving the precious resource of time.


With true mobility, you can inspect from devices that weigh almost nothing and last all day in a charge. By eliminating all your paper forms which can be damaged, lost or filled out with ambiguous or invalid data, Inspection Mobile saves you time and money as there is no need to re-key information.

Technical Requirements

  • Runs natively on any non-RT based Windows tablet
  • Can run on any iOS or Android tablet using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app to connect to any computer with Remote Desktop enabled
  • uniPoint Core Modules with SQL database required
  • uniPoint Inspection Module required

Key Features

  • Intuitive Touch-screen Interface
  • Eliminate paper and redundant data entry
  • Create Inspection records by variety of methods
  • Perform Time-Based Inspections
  • Scan Job Operation Bar Code to create Inspection Record instantly
  • Adaptive user interface changes per inspection attribute
  • View Inspection notes, attachments
  • Instantly create NC from Inspection record
  • Real-time integration with your uniPoint database
  • See Tooling Calibration Status
  • Record Inspection Hrs worked
  • Complete Inspection Records

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