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uniPoint Quality vs. E2 Quality

1. Overall uniPoint Quality E2 Quality
a. Is the software system a configurable 25-module, total quality and ISO solution?
b. Does your quality solution offer an internal workflow to ensure assigned tasks do not fall through the cracks?
c. Does the software offer 800 built in Quality metrics?
d. Does the software offer 70 Trend Analysis Graphs?
e. Does the software offer 100 built-in quality reports?
f. Does the software solution track the cost of quality at every stage?
g. Does the software COUNT as an ERP seat, making it very expensive to deploy?
h. Does the software system offer all the required controls for a certified (ISO) quality system?
i. Does the quality solution maintain a full audit trail on all transactions?
j. Does the quality solution offer a mobile/web solution?
2. Quality/ISO Capabilities
a. Does the quality solution offer a configurable Inspection Module, with visibility to the calibration status of Inspection Tooling and integration to create Non-Conformances on the fly?
b. Does the quality solution offer an Education & Training module, required by ISO, with web-based access to sign-off training requirements and view training calendars?
c. Does the quality solution offer an integrated Complaints tracking module, required by ISO?
d. Does the quality solution offer a Trend Analysis module, to help you understand the effectiveness and cost of your Quality system over time?
e. Does the quality solution offer an integrated Surveys Module to automate the creation, distribution and tracking of Vendor/Customer/Employee surveys, as required by ISO?
f. Does the quality solution offer an integrated Supplier Mgmt module to rate your Suppliers based on number/costs of quality events and supplier delivery performance from ERP?
g. Does the quality solution offer a Request/Change Management module, with web-based access to request change from the manufacturing floor — without tying up a concurrent seat license?
h. Does the quality solution offer an integrated Validation module with pre-loaded template records with scripts to validate the entire quality solution, including FDA CRF Part 11 requirements?
i. Does the quality solution offer an integrated Health & Safety module, for managing the life cycle of all Safety incidents and tracking MSDS?
j. Does the quality solution offer a comprehensive Risk Management Module for identifying and mitigating Risk factors, as required with ISO 9001:2015?
3. Document Control Module
a. Does the quality solution’s Documents Control module offer a Secure document Vault?
b. Does the quality solution’s Document Control module offer the option for Strict Revision Control, with Check-in/Check-Out capability?
c. Does it comply with all the requirements of FDA CFR Part 11 and 820? (Encrypted passwords, Digital Signatures with Date/time stamps, un-revocable sign-offs, etc)?
d. Does it offer a web-based Document Viewer, allowing all floor employee to access approved documents with user security?
e. Is the Document Control module integrated into an Education & Training module, to automatically align document revision changes to Training Course revisions?
4. Tooling & Equipment Module
a. Does Tooling & Equipment management module integrate into a fully functional Inspection module?
b. Does Tooling & Equipment module offer controls to track Tooling Usage and Device History, as required by ISO?
5. Inspection Module
a. Does Inspection Module manage First Article, In-Process, Final and PO Receiving Inspection?
b. Does Inspection Module offer real-time email alerts when inspected attributes fail or enter into warning levels?
c. Does Inspection Module allow for real-time data transfer from CMM equipment?
d. Is there an AS9100 Inspection Forms module available?
e. Does the system offer a tablet-based, real-time, touch-screen data collection interface?
uniPoint is the industry-leading solution for quality management for the small to mid-size enterprise. More than 800 ECi JobBOSS, Macola, M1 and E2 customers use it everyday to automate their journey toward excellence and comply with ISO 9001:2015 (General Manufacturing), ISO 13485 (Medical), IATF 16949 (Automotive); and AS 9100 (Aerospace). For more information click here.

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uniPoint is a compliance tool for the strictest quality requirements of your industry.


Our interface promotes engaged users, and lower on-going training costs.


Eliminate redundant data entry and leverage the data from your existing systems.


Track the frequency and cost of quality events, with our ISO-ready suite of modules.