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JobBOSS Controllers Toolkit

Compatible with JobBOSS 5.x – 11.x

JobBOSS Controllers Toolkit Fact Sheet

AR InquiryOverview Video

  • Review Outstanding/Paid Invoices by Customer, with customer vital statistics. Past due invoices show in red; total outstanding amount shows in red if over credit limit
  • Drill down to see invoice or payment details, with print screen options
  • Enter collection notes, amounts, and promised dates
  • Review Aged Collection and Follow up reports
  • Vital tool to manage customer collections
  • See Customer amounts in their own Trading Currency (USD or CDN)

AP InquiryOverview Video

  • Review Open/Paid/Hold Invoices by vendor, with vendor statistics. Past due invoices show in red
  • Drill down to see Journal Entry, PO/Job Details, Check Details, and AP Notes, with print screen option
  • Enter promised payment amounts, and dates
  • Review Aged Commitment Report
  • See Vendor amounts in their own Trading Currency (USD or CDN)

GL InquiryOverview Video

  • Review detail journal entries by GL account, and by period or multiple periods within one fiscal year
  • See effect of un-posted general Journal Entries — prior to posting
  • Drill down to see full journal entry, sub-ledger details, and print inquiry screen
  • See beginning, ending balances, and total credits/debits per account
  • Search, SUM, and Surfing tools

PO InquiryOverview Video

  • Review Open/Closed Purchase Orders by vendor, with vendor vital statistics
  • Drill down to see detailed PO transactions, AP Details, and to print screen
  • Visibility over AP Document not properly cross-referencing to PO Receiving, Cost from Invoice Function

Cash FlowOverview Video

  • Determine current cash position
  • Project six-week financial cash flow, based either on document terms, or on historical payment history
  • Cash flow reflects AR Collections and AP Commitments
  • Print Cash Flow Summary, AR/AP Cash Flow Detail, Avg. Days to Pay Report

Included Reports

Controllers Toolkit Sample Report Pack

  1. Customer Inquiry
  2. Collections Aging Report
  3. Collections Follow-up Report
  4. Vendor Inquiry
  5. AP Accrual Report
  6. Vendor Commitment Report
  7. GL Inquiry
  8. PO Inquiry
  9. Inventory Count Sheets
  10. PO Status Cleanup
  11. Cash Flow Summary & Detail Reports
  12. AR/AP Detail Cash Flow Report
  13. Avg. Days to Pay Report
  14. Multi-Currency AR Aging (Detail & Summary)
  15. Multi-Currency AP Aging (Detail & Summary)
  16. Multi-Currency AP Check Register
  17. Multi-Currency AP Outstanding Checks


Gambit Products Ltd.
Tracy Albert, Accounting Manager

“The JobBOSS Controllers Toolkit enables efficient monitoring of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Flow in one program. The Toolkit operates on current JobBOSS data efficiently, eliminating duplicate data entry, and the need to maintain parallel management systems. The ability to log comments in the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules is an appreciated feature.”

“Unlike other supplemental software, Controllers Toolkit provides accurate, useful management data in an easy-to-use format. The Controllers Toolkit is a wonderful complement to JobBOSS Software. I highly recommend the toolkit as a valuable management tool to supplement the JobBOSS program.”

G.T. Machine & Fabricating
Donna McCrakken, Controller

“When a customer is called for collections, all the information is on the screen — PO’s, payment history, etc. No matter what the customer asks, you can answer it at the time of the call — eliminating call backs.”

“Messages can be typed in the Controllers Toolkit during the call and can be viewed or printed from other locations in the shop, eliminating the need to compile reports.”

“This is just a few of the many time savers we have found by using this program.”


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