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Web Sign-Offs

Web Sign-Offs


The uniPoint Web Sign-off module is an ideal extension of our Education & Training module. It extends the training sign-off function to any employee or instructor with access to an internet-enabled computer. Once all sign-offs are completed, the training record can be set to status completed.


This module will lower your cost of uniPoint ownership, as full concurrent uniPoint login users are not required. Instead, inexpensive web users can be purchased, allowing hundreds of employees to perform this vital function themselves, in a controlled environment.

Key Features

  • Employee can perform web training sign-off from any internet enabled computer
  • Employees can login without requiring a uniPoint User profile
  • Employees/instructors can see upcoming training
  • Employees/instructors can add notes per training signoff record
  • Employees/Instructors can sign-off training and indicate effectiveness
  • uniPoint does not have to be installed to perform this function
  • uniPoint database is updated live, with complete history audit trail

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