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3 Reasons You Should have A Customer Feedback Survey

Customer feedback surveys come in all shapes and sizes, and if used correctly, can be one of the best tools to determine your own performance. In fact, many of the most successful companies use customer feedback surveys, and they’re so deftly used that you’ve probably forgotten about filling them out and submitting them. Read on to find out why the best companies in the world are willing to ask for more from their customers, and how you would also benefit in the same way with customer feedback.

Customer Feedback Survey

It’s one of the cheapest ways of gathering information

Companies focussed on performance will pay top dollar from consultants to get external feedback on how their product or service is doing. Customer feedback surveys are a much cheaper way of getting that information, but if you’re wary of annoying your customers with gathering information like a telemarketer, you can make your surveys voluntary.

The benefits of voluntary surveys include:

  • Less results to tabulate, meaning fewer man hours spent on clerical work
  • Customers who stop to fill out surveys mean what they say
  • You’re not driving away repeat business since customers who don’t want to fill out the survey can easily opt out

A good, hard look in the mirror

It’s a difficult task to examine your own actions and admit to your own weak spots, so internal reviews won’t always give you a complete view of how you’re doing. Not all bosses will be blunt enough to tell you where they think you’re failing, and ones who are willing to step on toes aren’t usually insightful. The good thing about customer satisfactions surveys is that you’re consulting a number of independent viewpoints, meaning if 10 customers who aren’t replying as a group tell you that you’re doing great, then you have good reason to believe them. The opposite is also true.

Seeing what’s trending

With surveys that are dispatched over a period of time, you’ll see how your customers feel about your products or services. If you haven’t done anything to change it and the feedback changes over time, then you can see the changes that are happening to your customer base. Some companies see a dramatic change in their user base, and you will be able to keep track of that with a survey that’s consistently available in more or less the same format.

For more information on how you can effectively use a customer feedback survey to your advantage, contact our team today.