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How To Keep Track Of Your Employee Training Programs

Employee training programs are essential for a thriving and flourishing business. When employees are properly trained, they are more likely to go about doing their job right. This is especially important for those that have to deal with customers. There is nothing a customer dislikes more than an untrained customer service rep trying to assist them.

Employee Training

The best way to make sure that your training programs are successful is by monitoring them. It is important that you keep track of the programs in place and how effective they are. If during your observing you realize there are holes in your system, then they must be reworked to retain a high level of buyer satisfaction.

Ask Yourself:

  • What problems occurred that were noticed right away?
  • How many attended the training program?
  • Was it delivered as planned and on time?
  • Are the right programs being addressed with the appropriate audience?
  • Did the program meet all legal aspects and needs?
  • Were all goals reached and was all information given?
  • What seemed to be the most effective, engaging and informative parts of the training program?
  • Is the training effecting the workplace in a positive manner?
  • Has workflow increased in quality?

Ask yourself all of the above questions. If you are failing at any part of the training program, you may need to reconsider your methods of training. Webinars are the latest form of educating your employees on essential on-goings, and have been proven to be a very effective and successful method. They allows you to keep track of who attended while reaching a larger audience. They also shows you when people joined the training webinar and how long they were engaged.

Pay close attention to employees after they undergo a training programs. See how it has improved their methods, and what they have learned program by quizzing them or having them fill out surveys. This will help you understand what they had absorbed of the given information, and where you need to improve.

Immediately after a training program, feed off of the employee’s reactions. Do they seem to be excited or ready to get back to work? Are they lethargic and complaining? It is best to gather others’ opinions, as well. Ask questions and see how interested everyone seems to be after they undergo the training. Too much information can make the task ahead seem daunting, but not enough can cause holes within your organization.

There is no doubt about it, training is a critical part to any business. Improper training methods can greatly decrease the profit margin of any business, no matter what the product or service is. Make sure your training programs are successful and helpful to your growth!

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