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5 Reasons To Avoid Over Customization Of ERP

When implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning system, there is the tendency to over-customize, especially if the processes in your system do not quite match the ERP system. While customization clearly brings advantages, over customization can cause problems that override the benefits. You should always go for a standard system rather than customization, and here are some reasons why.

Postponed Go-live Dates

Go-live dates are important when implementing your ERP system. When you are attempting to customize, this pushes back the go-live date. Budget estimations increase and it takes a much longer time to recoup the investment. Also, customization may require special expertise which can add to the business expense.

Backsliding or Regression

When a new software is implemented, other parts of the system get changed as well. Backsliding or regression testing is performed to make sure that other part of the system remains unaffected by the changes. The more you customize your ERP system, the more regression testing that has to be conducted. This could take months, not to mention pushing back the go-live date.

Complex Upgrades

Over-customization increases the complexity of the upgrades to be made. Upgrades have to be made every two years or so, and with this added complexity it could take longer each time it is being done. Because the life cycle of ERP systems is longer than the time you have to upgrade, you might discover that you are paying for the same systems to be upgraded again.

Supplier Monopolisation

If you are thinking of switching vendors with customization in mind, you may find that shopping for an alternative may simply be too costly. If you had a more standardized ERP system, then you could easily switch providers if you think it is necessary.


Intense customization requires intensive knowledge of the particular system you are customizing the ERP system to. The people that have acquired this knowledge in the customization process become more valuable, which means that should they leave, they will also leave you vulnerable. It is best to have a system that anyone can understand.

Customization is not all wrong, it should simply be done as necessary. Over-customization simply brings on a new set of problems. Going with a standardized and easily adaptable system keeps costs down and enables tight deadlines to be met.

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