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Tips For Maintaining A Secure ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are vital for ensuring that the internal processes of the organizational network are standardized and streamlined for increased productivity and better work flow. Like any system, the ERP needs to be regularly maintained. Many businesses fail to realise this until something goes wrong and data is lost.

There are a variety of threats faced by an ERP system; these threats can be both outside of an inside the organization. Some of them include employees, lack of knowledge, lack of security measures, hackers and the complexity of the system itself. The following tips can help your ERP system to continue functioning at optimum levels.

Keep Your ERP System Updated

ERP systems must be updated regularly. It prevents bugs from attacking the system and prevents information from being leaked or stolen. Keeping your system regularly updated makes the ERP less vulnerable to external threats such as hackers, viruses and unscrupulous employees who are familiar with the system.

Prevent/Regulate the Use of Employee Devices

Although the cost-savings are enticing, there is always the element of risk when employees are allowed or even encouraged to use their own devices for work-related purposes. The preservation of sensitive information is largely dependent on the integrity of the employees. If possible, limit the use of employee devices for work. If devices are used, then have a clear policy in place for how data is to be used and stored.

Make Delivery Methods More Security

New delivery methods such as the cloud bring benefits to the customer, but it also brings security risks. Information can still be at risk. When purchasing any system from a vendor, look at what security measures they have in place. Do they have sufficient control over the information? Can the information be leaked to hackers and rival companies?

Consider Hiring Specialists

Creating better security measures requires expertise, and although it may be an additional expense it is worth the effort.

Segregate duties

Duties should be split so that employees are able to monitor and control over the system’s operations. This enables them to spot or anticipate threats to the system.

Keep users regularly updated

Employees who use the system most regularly are the ones who should be regularly updated on security changes. Also, they should be made aware of the importance of organizational information and how it should be used and preserved.

Keep Regular Backup and Storage

Maintain the system’s regular backup and restoring points within the ERP system. This precaution can protect the system from a number of security threats.

Protecting your ERP system is important to the smooth functioning of your business. For further tips or advice on how to secure your ERP system, contact us today.