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What Are Mobile Inspection Records?

Any field worker will tell you that inspections often take longer than they should. They can be cumbersome due to the outdated equipment involved: the pen, clipboard and paper. However, to ensure that equipment and procedure is running smoothly, inspections need to be done.

Mobile Inspection Records

When you’re involved in an industry that requires small and large-scale inspections, it can become costly. Over time, the data storage and energy used to perform inspections add up, creating mounting expenses. Mobile inspection records eliminate the use of paper and muddled spreadsheets. They can be stored in cloud-based software and can be standardized to suit whatever industry your company operates in. No matter where the inspection takes place, mobile inspection records can be automated via smartphone or tablet allowing for ease of use.

How do mobile inspection records work?

Mobile inspection records are electronic documents that can range from questionnaires to checklists to multi-layered ballots – basically whatever your company requires. When performing a safety inspection, your field workers only have to use their company-issued phone or tablet and leave the pen, clipboard and paper at home. Paperless inspections are easier to tally and can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Plus, you are incorporating green practices into your operations by getting rid of the papers needed for record keeping. You can even incorporate your old records into the mobile inspection software to have all your data in one place.

How fast is mobile inspection technology?

With mobile inspection records you can streamline the entire process and receive and send data in an instant. You can also store information securely off and online. Mobile inspection technology allows you to take photos, create reports in a moment’s notice, capture signatures and have multiple field workers using the same files at the same time.

What industries can benefit from mobile inspection records?

Many industries can profit from automated inspection software. Any industry where inspections are a necessity to make sure operations are running safely such as cable, distribution, production, manufacturing and construction, are ideal candidates for mobile inspection systems. With mobile inspections you can improve job site operations, increase safety, reduce risks and comply with industry standards.

The training involved with mobile inspection recording technology is minimal and can reduce costs for your company. Who would’ve thought that pens and paper would eventually become obsolete?