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3 Things To know About Mobile QMS Software

The evolution of mobile devices has improved connectivity and made it possible for people to check their emails and collaborate in real-time. The modern business world is riding the mobility wave with a number of enterprise solutions coming up with mobile components that seek to enhance productivity and increase response time to business-related concerns.

QMS Software

Quality Management Software (QMS) has made a timely entry into the enterprise world, allowing business people to remotely access critical information, documents, and tasks on the go from anywhere with internet access. You can now spend a considerable part of your day away from your desk or laptop and still get the job done conveniently and efficiently.

But people tend to overdo their mobile involvement. Mobility is not designed to offer full functionality, but to address issues during the times when you are not connected to your main system – workplace, computer, laptop, etc. QMS is designed to be an extension of your main method of software delivery, and for it to be an effective mobile solution, it needs three key elements:

  1. Ability to Function Offline

    Although you may have access to an internet connection, chances are you are not always connected when on the go. You may be at a remote place away from a hotspot, travelling, or just unplugged. This should not, however, prevent you from continuing with your work.

    Good mobile QMS software is able to keep working while you are offline, and then re-sync with the system when you re-enter a hotspot area or connect to your internet. This way, you can conduct audits, investigations, and record the data offline wherever you go, and that work easily integrates with the system the moment you reconnect.

  2. Continuous Review and Approval

    QMS systems are typically used to fix problems that arise and keep them from happening again, but there’s a lot more that gets done. Good mobile solutions allow you to identify when something goes wrong, whether an adverse incident or event, review the details, and then move the process along.

    QMS solutions are able to sign off on investigations, route events to the next phase, and comment and collaborate on events so you can respond in real time to anything that happens, while enabling those around you to rectify and mitigate recurrence.

  3. Reporting and Decision-Making

    Many professionals are constantly on the move, such that travel and meetings are part of the itinerary. So, enhancing visibility in your QMS is crucial to keeping track of the status, safety and quality within your business. Good QMS solutions have a reporting component that allows you to see report data in real-time, and take the necessary action based on the adverse effects revealed.

Final note

Mobile QMS solutions are meant to extend your main system beyond your workstation. The combination of mobility and functionality helps you stay informed, stay connected, and maintain productivity wherever you go.