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How Quality Management Software Can Improve Your Start Up

Quality management software takes enterprise software to the next level because it is geared towards ISO standards, meaning you’re aiming for best standard practices in everything you do.

Quality Management Software

You don’t have to rely on the processes that the software consulting company tells you is best, since you know that they’re not the ones making those decisions. ISO standards are international for a reason, and they even span industries including government, manufacturing, and finance.

Document control

Having a system for document control, particularly one that’s automated, is a lifesaver as most software developers already know. For startups who generate many reports, whether financial, legal, medical, or some other form of consulting, document control will help to streamline storage, access, and updates:

  • Avoid having duplicate documents, not knowing which is most current
  • Avoid making changes to different versions of a document
  • Avoid deleting the best or most current version of the document
  • Avoid confusing the documents of different clients with each other

Workflow management

In an environment with tight deadlines and lean organizational structure, workflow management will make sure that the important tasks are accounted for. The more complex the workflow, the more you will need to lean on some method for making sure that the right steps are taken at the right time.

To test whether your workflow is all that complicated, consider the following thought experiment: Can you imagine the workflow as a simple assembly line where the product clearly travels from station to station with only one possible path to follow? If not, then you probably need some form of workflow management.

Another indicator that QMS would work for you is if the processes are time sensitive. If the time it actually takes to finish a certain step is many times larger than what’s recommended, QMS software can be tailored to give you reminders just as you need them.

Supplier management

Not all companies have the same need for suppliers, but if you sell many products, supplier management is key, even in situations where you have many choices and lots of bargaining power. You don’t want to underuse your advantage, appear disorganized, or be ignorant of the business proceedings. Furthermore, for platforms that cater to small suppliers, it’s only fair to make sure that they are paid on time, in full, and in a manner that works for them. Keep things simple by having software keep track of it all.

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