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How To Implement QMS In Your Organization

The success of any firm depends on its ability to satisfy its customers, and the level of customer satisfaction depends on the quality of goods and services being delivered. Therefore it is important for firms to implement a comprehensive quality management system that involves the input of all employees. How is this to be accomplished? There are key steps that a company must take to have a successful QMS:

Reorient employees to organization’s mission

Employees must be aware that what they do directly impacts the organization’s ability to successfully carry out its mission statement. Employees should be reoriented to the company’s mission, vision and values.

Focus on key success factors

Companies must clearly identify the factors that have been critical to its success and focus its efforts there. It could be market share, customer service or an excellent process. If there is anything lacking in these factors, create a plan to improve. Also, monitor the progress through measurement and feedback.

Know the key customers

Organizations should know who their key customers are. Very often, organizations neglect the fact that their own employees are also their customers. Knowing who your important customers are enables you to create a plan tailored to that market. It is also important to get feedback from these groups through surveys.

Identify specific customer needs

When conducting surveys, it is not only important to know how satisfied they are but what they want. You might think that customers are more focused on price when in fact they desire better quality. In such a case, quality should not be sacrificed for a lower price, but there is no way of determining that without detailed customer surveys. If your customers belong to various groups, tailor the surveys to identify the needs of each group. The feedback you get is the basis for creating a successful QMS.

Conduct a repeat survey

Once the plans have been implemented, conduct a repeat survey to see if customer satisfaction levels have improved. If it has, then it is a good opportunity to incorporate these results into your marketing strategy. Customers and potential customers will have faith in organizations that have a sound internal process and a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Use Technology

Technology should be friendly to the objective of achieving better quality. Company websites should be easy to find and read. They should also be structured to lead the customer to take decisive action that will eventually result in a sale or repeat business.

If you are seeking to revamp your QMS or implement one for the first time, then get in touch with our specialists to help you find the appropriate system for your needs.