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Using Software to Track Customer Feedback

Almost nothing is more important to a business than strong customer satisfaction. Having great customer service is one of the best ways to keep your company booming, and to ensure you’re improving in necessary areas.

Customer Feedback

By paying close attention to the customer service portion of your company, you’re all but guaranteed to find a return market. But how do you know if customers are satisfied after their business with your company is complete? What are the available options available to track your CS success?

Why Is It Important to Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important now more than ever. While it’s first and foremost an essential way to maintain a strong and returning audience, it’s now become an important part of your public image.

With review websites like Yelp and Amazon and search engine efforts like Google reviews, it’s as easy as one search of your brand name for potential buyers, clients or patients to read about others’ experience with your company. If the reviews are mostly negative, you’ll be scaring off business before the first contact is even made.

However, if you’re monitoring customer feedback and are working to make improvements based on complaints or compliments, you can be confident that you’re making necessary (and ultimately profitable) changes to your brand.

What Platforms and Software Can Help Track Feedback?

Today, there are many platforms that help you to keep track of customer feedback. Social media platforms such as Facebook are one of the easiest ways to scope out customer feedback, as long as your business has an active profile on that social platform. It allows you to scroll through all of the feedback or comments that customers have sent directly to your business.

Google Alerts can provide you with invaluable information. Google pulls up all information said in regards to your business by scoping out pertinent keywords and phrases. Anywhere your business is mentioned online, you will be informed about it.

Customer Relationship Management software hasn’t been around that long, but it is definitely the biggest game changer in regards to tracking feedback. The software manages the interactions the company has with its customers. It can automate, organize and combine the communication roles of all those with roles in sales, marketing, customer service or technical support. This software can provide you with amazing feedback as it allows the business to see where customer service may have failed, or succeeded, to make the sale.

Don’t ever assume that customer service isn’t of huge relevancy to the success of your business. It takes a great staff to make help a business to grow. For more information on customer feedback software, contact UniPoint today!