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The Growing Importance Of Quality Management In The Automotive Industry

Quality management is an important strategy for companies to utilize to ensure quality and consistency. Quality management is comprised of quality planning, control, assurance and improvement. Although Henry Ford played an integral part in introducing quality management into how he ran his assembly lines, the utilization of quality management is growing even more important now (especially in the automotive industry).

Importance Of Auto Industry Quality Management

The automotive industry has many to answer to. Consumers and their safety in vehicles is not to be taken lightly. Safety is of the utmost importance and a quality management system is an important way for vehicles and their parts to pass safety tests and standards. The following are reasons that quality management is growing in importance in the automotive industry:


By utilizing quality management systems, it is easier to get products on the market faster. If there are problems with quality or consistency of parts, it can slow down the whole process. Quality management systems can help to bypass this issue. In addition, introducing products to the market quicker than your competition can be a lucrative tactic.


Improvement of the quality of your products can lower costs. Think of all the money wasted in producing parts that don’t meet quality standards such as costs of goods, labor, or pricey recalls. Then, think of how easily that can be eliminated by exercising quality management.

Better products

Having a system that can spot and improve upon issues can lead to producing a better product. Obviously, this can be rather beneficial, as having superior products can lead to improving your bottom line. Consumers will be enticed by and appreciate better products.

Meeting standards

You can ensure that your company meets regulatory standards and full compliance through a quality management system. These standards must be carefully followed which a quality management system can help you achieve.

Keeping customers happy

Performance and product issues can be discouraging to customers and a detriment to your brand. Having a product recall or other issues can create dissatisfied customers, but these types of issues can be easily avoided with consistently producing quality products.

At the end of the day, implementing a quality management system is highly beneficial to all parties involved. From increased customer satisfaction, safer products, efficiency, and an increased bottom line, it is easy to see why the importance of a quality management system is growing in the automotive industry.